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Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology (IJMM) Iran J Med Microbiol is a bi-monthly free Open Access Journal that envisions itself as a research forum envisaging major developments in the field of microbiology and infections.

Iran J Med Microbiol invites submissions under a broad scope of topics relevant to pathogenic bacteria, fungi, Viruses, and parasites; molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity; interactions of virulence factors with host cells; innate and adaptive immunity to infection; development of vaccines against nonviral pathogens; and genomes of pathogenic bacteria, clinical microbiology, bacteriology, antibiotics and resistance, immunology, infectious diseases, mycology, pathogenesis, nosocomial infections, diagnostics of pathogens, parasitology, virology, Nanobiotechnology in microbiology, Artificial intelligence in microbiology, Computer Science in Microbiology, therapeutics, and prevention of infectious diseases and other related topics.

Microbiology Journal invites all researchers, medical specialties, clinicians, scientists, scholars, and students to publish their research work and contribute the latest research information. We publish Peer-Reviewed original research papers, reviews, short communications, mini-reviews, and case reports.

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Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology

2022، Volume 16، Number 6

Print ISSN: 1735-8612

Online ISSN: 2345-4342

Director-in-Charge: Prof. Gholamreza Irajian

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Gholamreza Irajian

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Accepted Articles

:: Urolithiasis – do ureaplasmas play a role in etiology.

:: The Effect of Intravenous Tocilizumab Therapy on the Prognosis of Patients with Covid-19: A Case-control Study

:: Comparative antimicrobial efficacy, kinetic destruction pattern and microbial inactivation dynamics of extracted cinnamon essential oil and commercial cinnamaldehyde against food borne pathogens

:: Booster Shot Is Still Effective Against Omicron Ba.4 and Ba.5 Subvariants

:: Is the antibiotic era joint the history?

:: Are the current Covid-19 cases post phase of 3rd wave or pre-phase of 4th wave in India?

:: The Prevalence of Carbapenemase Genes in Carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative Bacilli, Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Tehran, Iran, 2019-2020

:: Effect of Cytokines Gene Expression and Serum Level of Vitamin D on the Severity of COVID-19

:: The effect of SARS-COV-2 infection on the hematological markers

:: Short Communication: Diphtheria Toxin Repressor (dtxR) Gene-based Genetic Diversity of Corynebacterium diphtheriae isolated in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2018-2019


Journal Information

  • Current Issue: 2022، Volume 16، Number 6
  • Frequency: Bimonthly (From March 2016)
  • Average Time to 1st Decision: 7 Days
  • Acceptance Rate: 30%
  • Print ISSN: 1735-8612
  • Online ISSN: 2345-4342
  • Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Gholamreza Irajian
  • Executive Managers: Prof. Reza Mirnejad
  • Technical Editor: Eng. Amirhossein Chehrehara
  • Publisher: Farname Inc

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The "Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology" (IJMM) "is the offi­cial scientific quarterly publication of the Iranian Society of Microbiology. The areas that are covered by IJMM are medical microbiology. It ac­cepts Original Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications and Let­ters to the Editor in the fields of Microbiology.

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