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About The Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology

Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology (Iran J Med Microbiol ) published by Farname Inc is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that was established by the Iranian Society of Microbiology in 2007. Iranian Society of Microbiology is the oldest institute of research regarding microbiology in Iran (since 1979). It is now the owner of IJMM and is responsible for its scientific and official affairs. While the Iranian society of Microbiology is responsible for scientific decision makings, the journal is sponsored by Farname Inc. The technical process of publication (including site managing, editing, page designing and etc.) is done by Farname Inc. 

What do and why do we publish? 

The Editorial Board of the Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology is internationally renowned, and the Society's in-house publishing team assists them in ensuring rigorous, high-quality peer review. Microbiology, as an Iranian Microbiology Society journal, offers authors quick publication timeframes and permissive Open Access policies that comply with all funder and institutional Open Access standards around the world, as well as no page restrictions, page costs, or color fees.

Aims & Scope 

Iran J Med Microbiol is open access and peer-reviewed, which publishes articles on all aspects associated with Microbiology and Infectious disease, ranging from pathophysiology, prevention, early detection, and diagnosis, to treatment, molecular and cellular biology, Microbial genetics, epidemiology, psychological issues related to microbes, rehabilitation, and quality of life. While the emphasis of the journal is on Medical Microbiology, Iran J Med Microbiol also publishes issues related to:

  • Antimicrobials and Antimicrobials Resistance
  • Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology in Microbiology
  • Microbial cell surfaces and Nanobiotechnology
  • Microbial evolution
  • Microbial virulence and pathogenesis pathways
  • Regulation, sensing and signaling related to Microbiomes
  • Microbial physiology, biochemistry and metabolism
  • Microbial interactions and communities (Microbiota)
  • Plant microbiology and soil health related to Human and Animal Health
  • Cell Development in Medical Microbiology
  • Computer Science in Medical Microbiology
  • Artificial Intelligence in Microbiology
  • Deep learning in Microbiology
  • Biofilms and Biological Systems in MIcrobiology;
  • Chemical Biology and Biochemistry and Cross-disciplinary Study;
  • Ecology and Environmental Medical Microbiology;
  • Food Microbiology and Related Field.
  • Prokaryotic and Microbial Genetics and Omics, including genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics;
  • Microbial methods and Techniques in Laboratory;
  • Microscopy and Imaging, and the Microbiome.
  • Diagnosis and Identification Microbes.

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